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What your employee wants?

As an employer have you ever wondered what actually attracts & motivates your employee & what is the key to retain your best resources ?

As a Human Resource professional for over a decade, I have experienced that remuneration is not always the answer.

Employees expectation are lot beyond just money. A good workplace culture is always about nurturing your employees experience with the best possible resources, to help them grow with the company.

In this blog we will speak about those basic needs that motivates employees.

1. Clarity

Employees expects to have clarity in what they are supposed to deliver. It’s important for the employees to understand their purpose and contribution which results in being successful in the organisation. Their meaningful contribution fills positivity & motivation in employees. A constant balance of positive & motivated feeling adds a lot to the organisations’ growth & retention of best possible resources.

2. Growth & Development

A key motivating factor of any employee is continuous learning & implementation of new technologies, task & responsibilities. Stagnation in job responsibilities for longer period is the prime demotivating factor. It encourages employees to look for new opportunities in the job market. Monetary benefits without growth & development in job role cannot be inspiring for a long time.

3. Equality, Respect & Trust

Employee of any gender, race expects to be treated with equality & respect. Knowledge & Skill of an employee should always be considered as the only key factor for organisational growth.

Trust & respect are parallel : Employees expect trust from their employers and also enablement, a freedom to make rationale decisions and execute them for the benefit of the organisation. Of course, this must be done at a level that is relevant for the job, but in general, employees are much more likely to perform with excellence and produce results if we trust them to figure out the best way to do their jobs.

4. Recognition

Trust in employees helps them deliver the best results in favour of the organisation, but Recognition of this effort is equally important. Jobs performed if not recognised for prolonged period can demotivate employees. Desire of being recognised & praised for hard work are more important than increased perks and paycheques.

5. Work-life balance

With changing work culture & covid 19 globally, flexibility in workplace has become an unavoidable issue for employers. Post Covid 19 period was all about physical presence in office, flexible working culture was not thought off, irrespective of whether employees likes it or not.

But scenario has changed, with knocking situation like Great Resignation around the corporate world, job markets are flooded with new openings & aspirants have options choose as per their best interest. In this, if companies wants to hire best possible resources, Flexi working including both remote & offline working is the only permanent solution.

If Employers value time & work-life balance of employees, then Employees will also refrain situation like Great Resignation. A win - win situation for both stake holder.

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