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Education Design

Sperta creates a suite of tailored plans, pathways and brand-building initiatives for individuals, top class universities and innovative businesses. It strategically implements project-led innovation to bring businesses closer together in mutually beneficial partnerships.



Get Inspired with your Future Pathway

Future Design Program

The Futures Design Program is a multi- faceted, brand-building program for key universities and businesses. It helps universities by attracting high-quality student applicants and facilitating partnerships with other key overseas universities and project-led innovation business. For details, please click here

Education Design

Market Entry Program

Local and overseas universities are brought together to offer joint courses in specialised or innovative subjects.

This contributes to substantial and measurable value addition for both the universities. This also facilitates entry into new markets for universities.

For details, please click here

Life Design

Life Design Program

The Life Design Program is an individual, career advice program offered to students competing for places in top universities in all professional disciplines and industrial sectors. 

For details, please click here

Success Story

Future Pathway Program

Sperta helps students by providing long- term pathways.  They are encouraged to make choices that are built on their talent, skills and ambitions. The Life Design Program will then match individual students to a top university for acceptance. Its a 5 prong approach to help students succeed. For details, please click here





Global education branding and outreach

International Collaboration Program

The International Collaboration Initiative identifies an area of specialised study that is in demand or has the potential to create one.

Sperta then brings overseas and local universities together in mutually beneficial collaborations, where knowledge transfer and innovation break- through's are possible. For details, please click here

Unique brand design strategy creators

Joint Ventures Program

Joint Ventures identify specialised areas with investment potential and commercial scope. Once identified Sperta then brings together overseas and local universities alongside national private enterprises to jointly develop new products and services. 

For details, please click here

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